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Timo Wilson
 Timo Wilson the CEO of Asap Credit Solutions has been in the Finance and business world for the last decade specializing in finance for the last 7 years. In 2012 I started in the automotive industry as a Sales Person for a dealership based out of Oakland California that specialized in financing people with bad credit. After my first month I realized that 7/10 people could not get approved for even a $10,000 car and most of the people that did were leaving in loans where they payed 20-28% interest charges which is 3x more than what the car was even priced at so during this time i decided to check my credit and sure enough, I was just like the clients begging to be approved my credit score was a 480!!! So from there i started experimenting with dispute letters and i disputed everything on my credit report and in 6 months I had no negative items. My credit score shot up 100 points and I got approved for a 2013 Volksawagon Jetta the first car I ever financed.
A few years later I came up with a great idea to start helping people I knew with their credit for free and even my clients at the dealership that couldn’t get approved for a vehicle and next thing you know people were happy and starting to send alot of referrals and i told myself i should turn this into a business since I was tired of getting promoted over due to politics and the gruesome 60 hour work weeks and missing alot of time with my family that corporate america had to offer.
October 2018 is when Asap Credit Solutions was legally formed in the state of Arizona. In 10 short months we have helped over 250 clients achieve approvals for homes and cars as well as get access to capital to start a business or even to just start investing to create passive income so they aren’t stuck in the traditional rat race job cycle. We offer an Executive Elite Credit Program where we challenge just about any and every negative item that is unverifiable/ inaccurate and erroneous. In a democracy you are innocent until proven guilty so we utilize federal consumer based laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act to demand deletions and updates from both the credit bureaus and creditors.
Our Executive Elite Credit Program is 2nd to none. As most credit repair companies take 12-15 months to fix a credit file, we get it done in 3-4 short months all while maintaining a high deletion rate in this industry. Our average client that pays their bills on time, manages their credit utilization below 30% while we are disputing typically sees a 100 point increase throughout our program. We understand that CREDIT determines where you live, what you drive even where you work and what promotions you’re eligible for due to screening and credit checks so I feel that my company not only restores credit but also restores HOPE in ones life. The type of feed back we get from our clients when they see positive changes to their credit report is priceless and the fact we are serving our community and making a positive impact is priceless as well.