Help improve my credit score

Thinking how to get help improve my credit score? Well, don’t worry as a credit restoration company we have helped many of our clients to improve their credit score and get financial freedom. So, how a credit restoration company like ours can help you improve your credit score? Before we discuss this there are a few facts that you must know.

help you improve your credit score

Credit repair companies cannot guarantee that your credit score will improve. There are a few factors on which results depend. The factors which are lowering your score need to be managed during the repair process and we help you do that ethically and more efficiently. If we are disputing the negative items on the report and your credit is being repaired but you are still missing payments then your scores will drop even if a negative item is being deleted from the report.

So, there are many things to consider while your credit is being repaired. We will do the following and guide you to rebuild your credit as well.

  • Challenging the errors on the report

According to a 2013 FTC study nearly twenty five percent of credit reports have errors on them. Though this statistic is old but the process of reporting has not changed so errors will always be there. These errors are quite common and we dispute inaccurate information on the report. Sometimes, there are collection accounts which are not yours but they are mentioned on your report. There can be some accounts on the reports which need to remove within a stipulated time frame but most of the times these negative items are still there on the report.

So, we send dispute letters on your behalf sort these because it takes time. As a reputed credit restoration company we manage the dispute process and you can relax because you have left it on our professionals to handle the process flawlessly.

  • Disputing negative items: 

As per the federal law, every item on the credit report of the consumer should be verifiable. Some creditors are no longer in the business and they will not respond on the negative item within 30 days that has to be removed from the report.

We will dispute all such negative items on the report and if the creditor is not responding we will do the needful to remove the items from the report. So, when you think should I get help improve my credit score from a company like ours you are certainly taking the right decision because we will handle such things efficiently.

  • Proper advice : 

We have a proper understanding of the factors that influence your credit scores and we look at your reports and give you advice on how to improve the credit beyond the standard factors.

We know that which accounts should be paid down or settled first that can impact your credit scores positively. We also advise on which accounts you should open strategically. Our experts can guide and answer questions which you may be doubtful about and we have the skills to handle the entire credit repair process successfully.

There are a few things which you should consider as well. We have discussed it below so when you wonder about who can help improve my credit score without causing any distress, you can make the right choice.

  • Beware of the scams: 

Many credit repair companies claim that they can erase your bad credit within a month or so and help you achieve an unbelievable credit score in a short time. Such companies may use unethical ways to do so. They may also ask to build a new file and that is not the right thing to do.

  • How depending on a credit repair company like ours is beneficial? 

Remember, credit repair companies cannot do magic and there is nothing that they do and you cannot do. Depending on a credit restoration company like ours is beneficial because we go through your credit reports in detail. We can help to remove valid negative items from the report. We make sure your credit reports are free of inaccuracies and as a professional firm we dispute the negative items with credit bureaus on your behalf.

  • Why you need us? 

Repairing your credit score is a time consuming task and doing it on your own can be stressful. Consistently following up with the bureaus is also important where many people fail because there are many tasks in their daily life which needs time and attention. As a credit repair company we move things quickly on your behalf. We write the dispute letters and follow up with the bureaus. We deal with things professionally and as per the law execute the process legitimately.

So, if you are worried about your credit score then do consider the above mentioned things and give us a call to know how we can help you with the process of credit repair.