Fix my credit score in 30 days

How to Improve Your Credit Score in 30 Days

Have you ever had that question in your mind that how can I fix my credit score in 30 days? Many people think, fixing a credit score in less time is easy. Well, the latter is not true because the time required to repair your credit may vary greatly. It is because fixing a credit score depends on many factors. These factors can be related to what you want to fix, and what is your goal once the credit is fixed. It will allow you to plan for the future. A credit restoration company like ours can help you in various ways.

So, if you are also thinking about how could I fix my credit score in a short time, then you should know the following details about it.

The process of fixing the credit: 

Credit repair begins with reviewing the credit report of the customer. This helps in identifying the potential mistakes and errors in the report. We download your reports and review them to make a note of the errors. You may have thought that how can I fix my credit score in 30 days but have you ever looked at your credit report details? Simply going through it in a few minutes will not do any good and to review reports in full we take time to do so. It can take one to two hours for the review.

  • Reports need a detailed review: After reviewing the report, we have to draft dispute letters and check what other documentation is required that needs to be submitted to the credit bureaus. The time required to do so may vary. It depends on the nature of the dispute that we have to execute and how systematic you have been with keeping your financial records in place. You may need time to check the documentation and find the important statements that can help in disputing particular elements on the report successfully. We try to do this for you as soon as possible if you give us full cooperation.
  • Dispute submission: Once the disputes are submitted, the clock of response starts, and credit bureaus will contact creditors to check and verify the information. This process can take 30 days. We send letters by mail. So we have the proof of the delivery date.

Things to consider when disputing the details on the credit report:

Within 30 days the credit bureau will respond to the query but in few cases, some more documentation may be necessary. The bureau will let us know that. They may reject or verify a dispute. With each credit bureau, the mistakes will be disputed so this takes time.

At times it is necessary to file more than one dispute letter and if there are a lot of mistakes in the report then only a few can be mentioned in the first go. So, you will have to submit a few disputes and resolve the disputes in sets. So, many who think how can I fix my credit score in a short time need to understand that credit repair can take 3 to 6 months.

This time frame will help in resolving all the disputes, and if there are not many mistakes then things can move fast. So, when you question that it is possible to fix my credit score in 30 daysthen the answer would depend on the number of mistakes which need to be corrected and how fast the bureaus take this forward. If there are many things to dispute, then it may take even longer.

How working with us will be beneficial?

Working on your own to fix the credit is stressful. We will not only help in executing the things quickly, but we will also help you rebuild your credit history while we are executing the process of credit repair. The credit repair process will take time, but we will also help you take steps that will allow you to build credit. So, you will make payments timely and try building a positive payment history too. Your financial life can come on track, and soon the negative items will be off your credit report. So, if you have a poor credit history and want things to work quickly in your favor then we are here to assist you from start to end.